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dressedforkill [userpic]

July 31st, 2008 (04:17 pm)

I think I'm going to cry. My foot is in so much pain. It has really swollen up. It looks deformed. I can't do anything because walking induces so much pain. My mom said that I can't work for the next few days but I just started! The store has it's grand opening on Wednesday and I won't be there. Awesome.

PEE. SSS. I know a journal is where you are suppose to post stuff about your life, but some things are too personal and risky to post. Like about a rape or your being "bipolar". I feel so bad for [info]bledel she was a really nice girl and people really took advantage of that. And you shouldn't have to prove that you have a disorder to people on the INTERNET. You don't REALLY know people on here so why get so deep?