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dressedforkill [userpic]

July 31st, 2008 (04:17 pm)

"oh it's a good ay for paying your bills" [24 Aug 2007|08:14pm]
I got a job! I'm falling in love. I'm going to be a senior.

I went on another job-hunting session with my mother and found a job a Marty's Shoes and today the movie theatre called me. It's all looking up for me. I asked my mom if I could have two jobs and she said she'll think about it which usually means no. Just my luck though today when we were moving shoe boxes off the truck I slammed a dolly full of shoes on my big toe. It hurts so bad. I had to bandage my foot and take Vicodin. That stuff is sooooo good, I think I'm addicted. I worked from 9-4 today and I get paid every friday. Thank God.

Filip, is so good to me it's like candy. He lives so FAR though
:'(. I don't care because this is too good to pass up.

What's your favorite color?